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Al Matrodi Law And Legal Consultations Firm
We stand out by providing innovative legal solutions

About Us

 Al-Matrodi Law and Legal Consultations Firm, operating under License No. 42590, was founded in early 2023 in compliance with legal regulations governing the practice of law and legal consultations. The firm is registered as a legal entity with the Saudi Bar Association, comprising a team of lawyers and consultants, each specializing in their respective fields. The firm is led by lawyer  Al- Matrodi, who is both a partner and the founder. Commencing his legal career in 1437 AH, he navigated the digital transformation within judicial authorities at every stage. Throughout his professional journey, He served as a legal representative for various companies. Subsequently, he obtained a law license and collaborated with a team of qualified lawyers. The establishment of this firm was a natural progression, offering legal services across diverse fields based on the team’s expertise. The firm remains committed to staying abreast of legal developments and regulations, ensuring alignment with the client’s objectives.

The Importance Of Law And Legal Services

The significance of law and legal services has deep roots, dating back to ancient times where seeking assistance from a lawyer was a recognized principle. A lawyer, equipped with persuasive speech, adept writing skills, and effective negotiation abilities, plays a crucial role in establishing authenticity and preserving the truth. This principle is evident in Moses – Peace be upon Him- saying:” And my brother Aaron is more eloquent than I, so send him with me as a helper to support what I say, for I truly fear they may reject me.”  Also The Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: ‘You refer your disputes to me, some of you may be more eloquent in arguing their case than others, and I may pass judgment on the basis of what I hear” The importance of legal services extends beyond merely delivering rights; it encompasses the broader goals of eliminating injustice and resolving disputes. This includes actively supporting and aligning with judicial authorities. Lawyers, being integral components of this process, are essential in this pursuit. Consequently, our firm places a strong emphasis on representing clients with the utmost dedication, ensuring the provision of legal services that safeguard their rights in accordance with both social and commercial interests, guided by the grace of Allah.

We make every effort and care for our customers

Why Us?

 Al- Matrodi Law and Legal Consultations Firm is distinguished by:

  • Our foremost commitment is to facilitate and expedite communication with our clients.

  • Our team comprises legal expertise with diverse specialties in law and Sharia.

  • Our Company has ample experience in managing interactions between individuals and companies. This enables us to prioritize our clients' interests in our work, ensuring that our efforts go beyond simply delivering the expected results to achieving their broader goals.

  • Clients have direct communication access to both the team and the company manager.

  • Every task is overseen directly by the director, and no service is executed without final approval.

  • Clients are kept informed about plans and schedules from contract initiation to service delivery.

  • We offer flexibility in fee structures and payment methods, presenting various options.

  • We stand out by providing innovative legal solutions that aim to avoid litigation.

  • Our focus is on achieving desired results swiftly.

  • We closely monitor and stay updated on all legal and legislative developments.


We aspire to be the foremost name in consulting and legal services within the Kingdom, aiming to make a positive impact that goes beyond fulfilling the needs of our clients. Our vision extends to fostering justice and equality in society. We firmly believe that the realization of our vision hinges on the efficiency of our work team and the quality of our interactions with clients. Continuous development and thought leadership form the foundation for delivering high-quality legal services.


Through diligent effort and genuine care for our customers, we strive to become an integral contributor to the stability of their interests.


Integrity - credibility - excellence - initiative - team spirit - responsibility.

Our Company has ample experience in managing interactions between individuals and companies

Our Services

Commercial activities services:

we offer a comprehensive range of legal services to our investor clients, both residents and citizens. Our services include providing consultations and establishing commercial entities within the Kingdom. This involves preparing incorporation documents, liaising with official authorities, and establishing legal and administrative frameworks. Additionally, we handle labor cases, develop internal regulations, and provide services for commercial cases , financial claims and financial disputes related to zakat, tax, and customs systems. Our firm's most notable legal and advisory services include:

Judicial Representation:

We handle pleading and defense before all types and levels of judicial and non-judicial bodies. This encompasses the preparation and submission of memorandums and regulations, as well as representation in negotiations and the amicable resolution of disputes.

Legal Consultations:

Our team provides thorough legal advice across various legal fields, aiding clients in making informed decisions while understanding their legal rights and responsibilities.

Contract Drafting, Documentation, Preparing policies and Regulations:

We specialize in the preparation, study, and amendment of contracts and documentation to align with the principles of Islamic Sharia and relevant regulations. This ensures protection against errors that could compromise a contract, all while offering advice tailored to the contract's nature.

Electronic Store Policies and Regulations:

Our services extend to preparing privacy policies and return/exchange policies, ensuring the protection of customer rights in compliance with Ministry of Commerce regulations.

Documentation and Agency Services:

We provide comprehensive services for the documentation of legal documents and the provision of legal agencies.

Real Estate Services:

We offer a wide range of legal services to property owners, investors, and tenants. Our services include consultations, problem-solving, and case management to ensure our clients' interests are protected in lease contracts, long-term investments, and division of joint funds, expropriation claims, and other related matters.

Personal Status Services:

We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients regarding family matters, including consultations and case management for issues such as division of estates, endowments, and wills.

Criminal Case Services:

Leveraging our expertise, we provide legal advice and representation to our clients before security authorities, the prosecution, or criminal courts. Our goal is to secure the client's innocence or mitigate their sentence.

Execution Services:

We offer a range of executive services, including enforcement of judgments or commercial papers, handling execution disputes, and overseeing auctions and sales decisions, ensuring fair distribution.

Steps In Providing Legal Services

Initial Phase


First Stage:

Receive the service request from the customer.


Second Stage:

Verify the service's compatibility with the company's business acceptance policy.


Third Stage:

Conduct a detailed meeting with the customer to clarify the service requirements.


Fourth Stage:

Submit a service fee offer.

Request Processing Stage


Fifth Stage:

Forward the request to the relevant work team.


Sixth Stage:

Review documents and address any deficiencies.


Seventh Stage:

Commence the implementation of the legal service.


Eighth Stage:

Conduct necessary meetings with the client.

Final Level


Ninth Stage:

Provide the client with the working draft for his views


Tenth Stage:

Obtain administrative approval of the final version of the service.


Eleventh Stage:

Deliver the final version to the client.

Legal Packages

Recognizing the importance of efficiently serving corporate clients and commercial entities, Al Matrodi Law and Legal Consultations Firm offers innovative legal services through package options. These packages allow clients to benefit from our legal expertise without the need to establish in-house legal departments. Our packages include annual or semi-annual contracts tailored to the client's needs, with pricing based on the size of the business.

Each package includes a dedicated team providing legal consultations, contract drafting, judicial representation, and other legal services to our clients. The available packages include:

Basic Package

Legal consultations only

Silver Package

Legal consultations - reviewing contracts and documents

Golden Package

Legal consultations - reviewing contracts and documents – handling a chosen number of cases

Diamond Package

Providing comprehensive legal services without exception

Our Clients

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